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Our team specialises in water treatment, and focuses on the designing, manufacturing, installation, servicing, and continuous support of various types of commercial water treatment systems, offering a comprehensive range of services to our clients.

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commercial water treatment services

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1. Designing of Water Treatment Systems​

Here at Wychwood Water Systems, we have a wealth of experience in the water industry gained over many years of working with customers representing a wide variety of industries, including Pharmaceuticals, the Oil industry, and several more. 

We have a range of standard products, which have the functionality to be used in the development of custom engineered water treatment systems. Our team has the expertise and flexibility of being able to design and build a system to a Customer’s exact requirements, and offer our best advice to ensure the result is a robust and effective commercial water treatment solution ideal for their needs.

Get in touch with us today for a custom design of water treatment services that match your exact needs.

2. Manufacturing of Water Treatment Systems

We take pride in manufacturing our systems right here, in our workshop in Oxfordshire. These commercial water treatment systems are not only designed and built to meet our Customer’s exact requirements, but also to our very high standards, with all systems undergoing thorough testing by our team of specialists before being approved for delivery.

Our commercial water treatment systems include various solutions such as Commercial Water Filter Systems, Softener, Deionisation, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Continuous Electro-deionisation (CEDI), Water Recycling, and Containerised Water Purification Systems.

3. Water System Installation & Commissioning

Our Field Service Engineers here at Wychwood Water Systems are trained to a high standard, and are strategically located around the country to offer our clients first-hand expert advice as needed. Should you wish to consult with one of our engineers, we offer the choice of a fixed-price quotation or a service contract basis to meet your needs, with our engineers available on an hour and mileage basis.

Our water treatment system engineers specialise in:

  • Plant refurbishments
  • Control system re-design and upgrade
  • Pipework installation
  • Resin replacement
  • RO membrane replacement
  • RO and UF membrane CIP
  • System disinfection
  • Instrument calibration
  • Plant re-location
  • Plant overhaul

4. Servicing of Water Systems

As part of our continuing customer support, we have a range of Service Contracts available to our clients which can be customised for individual applications. The service we provide is in support of both Wychwood products and systems, and also other water treatment manufacturers’ products and systems.

Our clients who choose to have a service contract with us enjoy multiple benefits, such as:

5. Refurbishment of Water Purification Systems

If you have an existing water purification or water filtration system set up and are looking to upgrade or refurbish the system, our team of expert engineers are here to help. Strategically located around the country, our team can offer you first-hand advice as needed. 

Please contact us if you would like a consultation on this option, and we will schedule a site visit to survey your installations, and offer the ideal advice for your needs.