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Water recycling is the process of the reclamation and reuse of water from several sources, including stormwater (rainwater that has reached the ground), rainwater (direct rainwater capture), greywater (water used in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry) and treated effluent (from sewage treatment facilities). Water that has been recycled can be reused for irrigation, horticulture and industrial processing.

Deionised water which has been used in industrial rinse processes can also be recovered, repurified and used again and again.

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How Water Recycling Works

Water recycling has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation as the world becomes more and more populated. Water recycling is defined as a public water supply that is treated and reused for future use. Water recycling systems process wastewater (sewage) to make it clean enough to drink, cook or do other activities before returning it to the environment.

Water recycling removes contaminants from water using basic biological, chemical and physical principles. In municipal settings, the process of water recycling occurs in five stages: inlet, sedimentation tanks, biological treatment, humus tanks and final settlement tanks.

Water used in business processes, also known as trade water, can also be recycled. In a business setting, a greywater recycling unit contains the elements above, but in a much smaller, all-in-one system.

Applications for Water Recycling

The resulting water reclaimed with a greywater recycling system can have many uses. The resulting water can be potable, safe for activities like drinking and cooking. In a business setting, reclaimed water can be reused in the company’s kitchen and bathrooms. Other uses for recycled water include:

  • Irrigation water
  • Cereal manufacture
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Malting
  • Vegetable preparation, washing and cooking
  • Chilled water circuits
  • Metal finishing final rinse water reprocessing and reuse

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of potential uses for reclaimed water.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The technology used in the recycling of water has not only improved but has gotten lower in cost. This has led to more businesses exploring this option for their facilities. Because technology is often driven by need, it will likely continue its improvement as its cost reduces due to an increasing number of alternatives.

A water recycling system can be an expensive purchase. However, the long-term benefits of having an in-house water recycling system far outweigh the disadvantages. It is clear that as water becomes an increasingly valuable resource, the pressure to conserve and reuse will increase.

Is a Water Recycling System Right for You?

There are far too many applications for a water recycling system to be able to list them all here. If you have questions regarding the suitability of a water recycling system for your desired application, we welcome your enquiry.

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Is Water Recycling Right for You?

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