Industrial & Commercial Ultra Filtration (UF) Water Treatment

ultra filtrationUltra Filtrationultra filtrationUltra FiltrationIndustrial & Commercial Ultra Filtration (UF) Water Treatment System

Ultra Filtration, driven by low pressure, is a mechanical process for removing contaminants from water. Specifically, the ultra-filtration process removes suspended colloids, solids and materials of high molecular weight from water.

How Ultra Filtration Works

In ultra-filtration, the flow of water is directed through a membrane in a cross flow, and a portion of input water flows across the surface of the membrane at a precise rate of flow and pressure, (flux). This allows most particulate contaminants to be removed, but also allows the membrane surface to stay clean, eliminating the fouling that can render other systems ineffective until manual cleaning occurs.

UF is particularly effective for colloid removal and as pre treatment to Reverse Osmosis used in desalination.

Applications for Ultra Filtration

The contaminant-free water resulting from the ultra-filtration process can be used in many applications. These include private water supplies, engineering activities, food processing and brewing. It can also be used as a pre-treatment for water that will go through a reverse osmosis system. Water that has been through the ultra-filtration process can also be used for drinkable water in hotels, recreational centres and the like.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Ultra-filtration systems tend to be long-lasting, even when enduring frequent washing of the membranes. As well, the life of an ultra-filtration system can be extended that much further when regular high-speed flushes are completed. These systems are also very efficient and leave a small carbon footprint.

Is an Ultra Filtration System Right For You?

You can click here to get more information about our ultra-filtration systems. If you have questions regarding ultra-filtration, Wychwood’s team of experts can answer them, as well as advise you on a different system if ultra-filtration is not suitable for your application. Email our team at, or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch with us.