Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Our Range Of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems



Our IONMASTER range provides pure water flows up to 30m3/hour.
Of robust construction, they give reliable and quality service and
use low energy membranes to minimise operating costs. They can be
equipped with extensive water quality monitoring and data-logging.



The LABSTAR system is available in two water flow and two water
quality formats. The units are suitable for laboratories and
manufacturing facilities, where small volumes of purified water
are required.

Features include:<10 µS/cm and <1 µS/cm water quality options
50 and 100 litres per hour permeate production
The compact unit is enclosure based and includes
an absolute rated pre-filter.
The pre-filter includes organic adsorption.
Efficient low pressure membranes consume minimal power
Continuous conductivity monitoring with colour change display.
Suitable for wall or bench mounting.


    • Purified water flow rates 400, 800 and 1,200 litres per hour
    • Compact in design and cabinet-based
    • Four castors fitted, easily maneuvered if required
    • Suitable for wall, floor or bench mounting
    • Low pressure, low energy consumption membranes
    • Continuous water quality monitoring
    • Colour change display shows water quality status at a glance
    • Feed water total dissolved solids reduced by 99%
    • 70% feed water recovery as permeate – minimises waste
    • 5 micron pre filter is included and pre installed


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