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Industrial Water Purification Processes

Understanding the different water treatment and purification processes and clients industry standards is the first step to choosing the right system for your application. Wychwood Water Systems offers a number of systems to clients globally. These are:

  • Deionisation;
  • Reverse osmosis;
  • Water filtration;
  • Water recycling;
  • Ultra-filtration;
  • Continuous electro deionisation.

Below is a brief explanation of each process.



Also known as demineralisation, this process for water treatment serves to remove the Cation and Anion impurities. The Cations and Anions are exchanged onto Ion Exchange Resins and replaced with Hydrogen, ( H) and hydroxide, ( OH). =H2O. When the Ion Exchange resins within the Deioniser become exhausted the whole process is put into reverse and the Ion exchange resins are re charged ( regenerated) with Hydrochloric acid (HcL), and (NAOH) Sodium Hydroxide. There are many types of Deioniser available depending on the required Deionised water quality. Deionised water can be produced from 20 microsiemen to 0.055 microsiemen.

Resulting from years of experience, the team at Wychwood Water Systems will be able to advise you of the standards required by your process or industry sector

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Reverse Osmosis

RO is a membrane process. The feed water to be treated is passed along a semi permeable membrane surface. The water molecules ( H2O )Permeate through the semi permeable membrane. 99% of the impurities are rejected and are passed to drain in a Concentrate stream. Reverse Osmosis is very popular and frequently used for the following reasons:

  • The membrane performance can be validated
  • RO does not generally use chemicals
  • Reverse Osmosis membranes, ( Permeators ) remove inorganic and organic contaminants.
  • For very critical and demanding applications, twin pass Reverse Osmosis can be used.

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Water Filtration

This process removes contaminants from water using a variety of filter media. Activated carbon is very effective in water filtration and absorbs free chlorine and organics. The sediment filter removes contaminants according to particle size.

Absolute rated double membrane filters are also used for the removal of such contaminants as bacteria

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Water Recycling

Water recycling is the process of the reclamation and reuse of water from several sources, including storm water (rainwater that has reached the ground), rainwater (direct rain water capture), grey water (water used in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry) and treated effluent (from sewage treatment facilities). Water that’s been recycled can be reused for irrigation, horticulture and industrial processing.

Deionised water which has been used in industrial rinse processes can also be recovered, re purified and used again and again.

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This is a type of membrane filtration that involves forcing water against a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants from water. The membrane traps contaminants in the similar way reverse osmosis does, but bases the removal on molecule size. Ultra-filtration removes suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight. This process can be used either before reverse osmosis as a pre-treatment, or used as a final step following deionisation. Ultra Fil;tration, ( UF ) is very popular and effective in the removal of colloids, bacteria and endotoxins. For critical and medical applications hot water and steam sterilisable UF membranes can be used.

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Continuous Electro Deionisation

CDI is a commercial technology. The pre treated water, (normaly RO permeate is passed through highly regenerated cells of Ion Exchange resin which is sandwiched between semi permeable membranes. The resins are in turn continually regenerated by an electrical field. The impurities removed are passed to drain in a concentrate stream.

CDI is very effective in purifying RO permeate or Deionised water to the next level of purity.

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Ongoing Service Support

Clients require the optimum performance and reliability from their purified water systems. To ensure this is the case Wychwood Water Systems has a team of highly skilled Engineers. Regular maintenance, calibration andadditional services can be provided by a range of Service Contracts that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs. Our customers receive a consistently high standard of service and support well after they purchase from us. Should the unexpected occur and engineer expertise be required, Wychwood aims to be there next day. In the interim, customers can receive assistance via our 24-hour helpline.

We don’t only service what we sell; we also maintain and repair systems made by other water treatment manufacturers. If applicable, we also conduct instrument calibration during our service visits. Customers under one of our Service Contracts enjoy a lower labour rate should work be required to be performed outside of their contract.



The experts at Wychwood will also train your staff in the operation and maintenance of the purified water system. This training can be provided at your facility on your water purification system. To evaluate any such training we can even provide test papers and certification on the training content.


Additional Services

In addition to the systems and service mentioned above, Wychwood designs and implements tailor-made solutions. We also manufacture and install equipment.

Wychwood Water Systems provide a complete refurbishment service for purified water systems. This can be instrumentation, process or control system upgrades. We also undertake breakdown repairs, re-positioning, de-commissioning, calibration and re-validation.

If you would like to discuss your requirement and or arrange a plant survey please contact the Wychwood Team to further this.


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